Love and care

Humanitarian activities are vital part of Oruma. Based on the need and resources, Oruma extends support to hospital blood donations, pain and palliative care, support to school children, aged, destitute, and relief support to those effected by calamity. As a policy, Oruma never encourages a competitive attitude with other organizations. Wherever possible Oruma goes in a cooperative and inclusive mode of service activities with the like-minded organizations and individuals. This collaborative approach had brought meaningful results by touching lives of several people during Oruma’s rescue and rehabilitation effort in recent Chennai flood.

Oruma team has taken up a few major projects to rebuild the housing colonies for the poor who have become shelter less post deluge.

Tiruvelangadu, Harischandrapuram, MyleBalaji, Kannigapuram, Kanchipuram, Dashamakan are a few areas Oruma had the opportunity to volunteer the flood relief work. Oruma’s efforts include house construction, conducting medical camps, distribution of study material and school bag distribution to school children, and support them in attending extra classes to compensate the lost days, . All these steps are taken through a methodical and systematic manner with the proper support and involvement of the School Principal, local volunteers, who scrutinised by Oruma field experts. Thus assuring no penny is wasted and the benefits go to the deserving needy hands.

Oruma is an active part of JAC (Joint Action Council) by Malayaleees for Tamilnadu flood relief.

Oruma actively worked for kerala flood relief for two consecutive years. We are associated with People’s foundation, a kerala based NGO involved in creative and sustainable activities for projects like housing flood victims.