Oruma Chennai Baith-U-Zakath 2018-19 Summary (English)
Oruma Chennai Baith-U-Zakath 2018-19 Summary (Malayalam)

Our Services

Oruma Service Wing
Oruma focuses on an inclusive and complimenting method of extending service to the society. This is the demand of unity in humanity.

  • Social and communal harmony

    Oruma’s aim is to work towards social harmony and community empowerment. Programs like Oruma ‘’Friendly Forum’’ and ‘Oruma ‘’New Springs’’ seeks to work with local community and society at large...

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  • Education

    Oruma conducts counselling sessions for higher education, moral education classes and Malayalam language classes under its academic umbrella. These weekly classes scheduled at various parts of Chennai city are giving...

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  • Love and care

    Humanitarian activities are vital part of Oruma. Based on the need and resources, Oruma extends support to hospital blood donations, pain and palliative care, support to school children, aged, destitute, and relief support to those...

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About us

We are a group of people living in Chennai who came to this city to earn a living.

We wish to return something to this society which has accommodated us.This is one of the biggest cities in India with a lot of advantages for its people.However, it has a lot of needy and poor. Our motto is to work for them while maintaining self disciplinewhich is essential to stay on course. We also contribute for the harmonious existence of different sections of society


To contribute into the building of a morally strong, educationally empowered and poverty free Chennai


Work towards self discipline, inclusive efforts to nurture social well being and bridging the kind hearted to the needy one

Latest activities
  • 27 Jan,2019
    Madrasa sargamela and furqan reality show

    Madrasa sargamela and furqan reality show conducted at MES Razeen Mat school. Program inuagrated by PP Ashraf(Oruma President). Overall trophy achieved by Purushavakkam madrasa and Prizes destributed by P T Ali (Patron, Chennai pain and palliative) [ngg...

  • 26 Jan,2019
    Republic day celebration at Oruma

    Republic day celebration at Oruma

  • 15 Dec,2018
    Puthuvasantham – community empowerment project

    Handing over of 5 houses and 20 toilets done by Dr T Kamal Sharief(Former Dean, Tamilnadu Dr. MGR medical university), Anna nagar masjid javeed representatives Br.Alikkoya, Br.Yousuf, Br.Abbas, Jamate islami tamilnadu advisory council member Br....

  • 16 Sep,2018
    Malayalam Mission

    Oruma started Malayalam mission classes in all its madrasa units(Tambaram, adayar, purushavakkam, parys). Malayalam mission representatives OP Smitha, Kumbalangad unnikrishnan, Nandagovind, Viju namboothiri etc. participated.  

  • 19 Aug,2018
    Oruma Kerala flood relief

    Oruma actively involved in Kerala flood relief activities in association with lions club, masjid javeed Anna Nagar and peoples foundation. Oruma started the work with initial essential materials to flood hit areas. Also Oruma supported 3...

  • 12 Aug,2018
    Oruma friendly meet

    Oruma conducted friendly meet at inayath mahal pallavaram. Representatives of the major social and cultural forums of the region participated. A P Abdul Naser Palakkad delivered the keynote address.

  • 10 Jun,2016
    Ramadan Samgamam 2016

    June 2016 Oruma organized Ramadhan Samgamam at Oruma House, Kilpauk and Kumararani Meena Muthiah College Hall,  Adyar. The event saw sessions on importance of fasting and Chennai Malayalees from different communities met up for a community Ifthar.

  • 28 Feb,2016
    Oruma kick starts Thiruvilangadu Social and Community Empowerment Program

    February 2016 The community, including houses and livelihoods of residents of Dheen Nagar, near Thiruvilangadu were damaged in Flood. Most of their houses are with single room and no toilets. They were hit by continuous rain...

  • 15 Dec,2015
    Oruma mobilizes rescue and relief teams during Chennai floods

    December 2015 Oruma launched emergency response soon after the flood hit the Chennai and neighbor places and immediate steps were taken to address issues of hunger, shelter, clean drinking water, health and hygiene in different part...

Islamic studies circle activities

  • Baithu Zakat

    INTRODUCTION Oruma Baithu-Zakat, a collective zakat system run by Oruma Charitable Trust is established to implement the zakat system in Islam in its most effective way in Chennai. It ensures that the zakat, which is an obligatory charity and third pillar of Islam, is collected from the individuals and distributed among...

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  • Quran Study Center

    “And indeed We have made the Quran easy for direction and guidance, but is there anyone who will take advice?” (Sura Al-Qamar 54, verse # 17) The Holy Quran is the last and final message of Almighty Allah (SWT) through His Prophet(Peace and Blessings be upon Him), which guarantees success for...

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  • Madarsa

    Oruma runs Madrassa in 4 locations for kids who live various parts of Chennai and around 120+ students are getting benefit from these Madrassa. We have prepared 630 hours syllabus (90 hours/year for 7 years) which covers Qur’an, Hifdh, Basics of Islam, Fiqh, Duas (Prayers), Islamic History, Arabic, Culture, Guidelines...

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