Baithu Zakat


Oruma Baithu-Zakat, a collective zakat system run by Oruma Charitable Trust is established to implement the zakat system in Islam in its most effective way in Chennai. It ensures that the zakat, which is an obligatory charity and third pillar of Islam, is collected from the individuals and distributed among its beneficiaries in the best possible way so that the purpose and motive behind the Islamic zakat system is fulfilled.


The mission of Oruma Baithu-Zakat is the poverty eradication and gradual socio economic empowerment of the community in Chennai through compulsory charity zakat and it accomplishes its mission through the following steps.

  • Give sufficient education to the Chennai community about the collective zakat system, its benefits and advantages.
  • Help individual/groups to calculate the zakat in the way specified in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.
  • Collect zakat from donors in Chennai through Oruma’s local units in different parts of Chennai.
  • Identify the zakat beneficiaries in different parts of Chennai and their needs through unbiased enquiries and provide adequate support to them to alleviate their problems in the best possible way.
  • Plan and implement projects in the backward areas like slums in and around the Chennai city.
  • Set up good working model of collective zakat system in Chennai and encourage other groups and Mahallu committees to start similar kind of zakat systems.


Oruma Baithu-Zakath started in the year 2008 with forty donors. This was started as the status of Chennai community was very pathetic in many areas even at the heart of the city. To add to it the mahallu based collective system which is popular in many other parts of the country, is not present in Chennai. So Oruma started its own Baithu-Zakat system.


  • Oruma is a registered Trust (Reg No. –794/2009) under 80G with tax exemption.
  • Zakat case selection done through unbiased and independent scrutiny by a sub-committee.
  • Aim is to try for most suitable solution suitable to the context and handhold the beneficiaries.
  • Ensures no misuse. (Direct payment for college fees, hospital bills, working tools to the colleges, hospitals etc).
  • Conducts Zakat Adalats periodically.
  • Monitors regularly the applicant status.

Following are the important benefits when doing zakat through Oruma Baithu-Zakat.

  • Helps in identifying the neediest Zakat beneficiaries of our society and resolve their problems.
  • Long term continued assistance can be rendered.
  • Avoid getting over duplication of Zakat to the same beneficiary.
  • Avoid complexes and subjectivity between donor and recipients.
  • Centralized zakat can ensure provision of sufficient assistance to fulfill necessity.


The following steps are involved in processing an application through Oruma Baithu-Zakat.

  • Applicants approach Oruma associate for Zakat or associate finds a genuine case
  • Submit application form along with necessary documents to Oruma Local unit team
  • Oruma Local forms an enquiry team and verifies genuineness of the case
  • Zakat Convener assign the application number and hand over the cash/cheque to Oruma Local Unit if the application approved


Head Office

Oruma charitable trust
Reg.No. 794/2009
Oruma House
No: 18/31, Palliyarasan Street,
Opp. Kilpauk Water Tank,
Anna Nagar East, Chennai – 600102.


Donations to Oruma Baithu-Zakat can be done by

  • Direct cash payment in our head office or through the zakat coordinators in any areas.
  • Online payment through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS in the below bank account.

Bank Details:

Name: Oruma Charitable Trust

Account Number: 910010050526359

Bank: Axis Bank

Branch: Kilpauk

Type : Saving

IFSC Code: UTIB0000620

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